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Kansas Regulations

We are currently waiting for the State of KS to publish the 2015 hunting seasons. Once they are published, this page will be updated. Thank you for your patience!


  • You will need a Kansas hunting license. $97.50
  • Nonresident application for deer permits is April 1 – April 24. Deer tags cost $442.50.
  • To buy a tag, visit or call 800-918-2877 – Kansas Dept. of Game and Wildlife
  • Anyone born on or after July 1, 1957, must have a hunter education card issued by Kansas, or any other state approved card.


  • Youth and Disability Season: Sept. 5-13
  • Early Muzzleloader Season: 14-27
  • Archery Season: Sept. 14-Dec. 31
  • Pre-Rut Firearm Whitetail Antlerless Season:  Oct. 10-12. Any permit that allows the harvest of a whitetailed antlerless deer is valid during this season. Equipment and unit restrictions on permit imposed. Ft Riley Unit CLOSED for pre-rut season.  Hunter orange clothing is required.
  • Firearms Season: Dec. 2-13
  • Extended Antlerless Only Whitetail Season: Jan. 1-10        Valid in Units 6,8,9,10,16, and 17
  • Extended Antlerless Only Whitetail Season: Jan. 1-17        Valid in Units 1,2,3,4,5,7,11,12,13 and 14
  • Special Extended Antlerless Whitetail Season: Jan. 1-24    Valid in Units 10A,15 and 19



  • Early ARCHERY SEASON: April 5-13
  • REGULAR SEASON: April 14-May 31

In addition to your turkey permit and tag, you MUST have a Kansas hunting license, unless exempt by Kansas Law.

Kansas youth (15 and under) may purchase a youth spring turkey permit valid statewide for $7.50

Nonresident youth (15 and under) may purchase a youth spring turkey permit valid stateewide for $12.50

Any resident or nonresident hunter may purchase a turkey permit valid in units 1,2,3,5, and 6.  A turkey permit is valid for one bearded turkey.

Any hunter with a spring turkey permit is eligible to purchase one (1) spring turkey game tag valid only in units 1,2,3,5, and 6. A spring turkey game tag is valid for one bearded turkey.


Kansas Department of Wildlife

  • Lodging

    • NO bunk houses
    • Single Queen-sized beds, 1-3 to a room with facilities
    • Four lodges in the same area
    • Home cooked meals – homemade pies and pastries


    • No high fences
    • Comfortable archery ladder stands
    • Enclosed, heated rifle towers with swivel chairs
    • All hunts on private land
    • We field dress deer and haul to processor for clients
    • Kansas ranks #1 or #2 Trophy Whitetail Hunting
    • We only harvest Trophy Whitetails scoring 140″ and above
    • Many repeat clients
    • References readily available from past clients


You will be hunting on private land. We offer over 45,000 acres in a 50 mile radius from our camp. This area is prime hunting habitat for trophy whitetail deer and has proven genetic capability for producing numerous large trophy bucks. You will be the only person on the land hunting in the area you are designated. Our land consists of shelter belts, dry creek beds, timber areas, CRP grassland, and river bottoms. We cultivate all of our land with food plots, mineral licks, and pumped water. Our agricultural crops vary from corn, soybeans, alfalfa, wheat, and rye.

Our rifle towers will keep you comfortable in inclement weather. We have 50 plus towers that have stairways with hand railings, and are elevated, carpeted, heated, and have office chairs that swivel 360 degrees. We have over 100 archery stands in a 45 mile radius. Our  stands have nice, heavy-duty wide ladders and an extra wide sitting area. These stands are placed throughout the area you will be hunting, to give you an opportunity to move around on the land.

We offer you your choice of the type of hunt you would like. We have nine experienced and knowledgeable guides, who want you to have a successful hunting experience. These guides help us monitor deer movement, where waterfowl are migrating, and will dress out your harvest. These guys take pride in the opportunity to help you have a successful hunt.

To keep our trophy status, we only harvest deer that are 140″ and above. There are NO trophy fees! If you shoot a buck below 130″, there will be a fine.

You will be staying in one of our four lodge-type houses. Many of our rooms have single queen size beds and private facilities. You receive all your meals, and for the serious hunter we even pack a great lunch to take to the field. Most of our food is homemade cooking. We have lots of homemade snacks, pies, soups, and sandwiches. In the evening we have a homemade full course meal. You will meet lots of great people and relax in the evening watching television or just visiting.

Waterfowl and upland game hunting await our clients who harvest their trophy deer before their time is up and is included in the price of their hunt.

We can furnish references for all the hunts we offer.


518 W Stafford (216 N Green) Stafford, KS 67578
Direct phone: Jim Call 1620-727-1444 or Anna 1-620-664-8150 

  • Continental Breakfast served every day

  • An enclosed six-seater hot tub is available behind the Henderson House for ALL guests. Towels are available in the dressing room a few feet from the hot tub. An adult must be present at all times for anyone under 18 to use the hot tub. We recommend a buddy system when using the hot tub.

  • Irons/Ironing boards: Kitchen pantry, behind door.

  • Room Amenities: Hair dryers, linens, towels, coffee makers, soap, shampoo. Some with phones and TVs.

  • Storm Shelters: basement (access thru kitchen to pantry, open trap door to basement)

302 N. Green, Stafford, KS 67578
Direct Phone: Jim Call 1620-727-1444 or Anna 1-620-664-8150 

  • Continental Breakfast served every day

  • Room Amenities: Hair dryers, linens, towels, coffee makers, soap, shampoo. Some with phones and TVs.

  • Storm Shelters: basement (access thru Innkeepers’ quarters to kitchen thru NW door or access from outside thru NW porch door)

Guest Information and Facility Guide
Church – 113 N Green

On-Campus Recreation – Church:
VCR/DVD digital video/surround sound theater – Church
Ping pong – Church basement
Pool table – Church basement
Open grass play areas – north of Henderson House and behind Church

Off-Campus Recreation:
Fishing, hiking, bird-watching — Quivira Wildlife Refuge, 6 miles north, 7 miles east
Outside basketball court – 1/2 block east of Henderson House – old high school
Picnic/playground- – 3 blocks north of Henderson House



Mr. Call, I wanted to take a second and send my appreciation for everything that you did for us last week. My father & I had a blast & a great experience while staying with you in Kansas. Being able to shoot a nice 10-pointer was awesome, but meeting you and your wife, along with your staff and the community was a lot more important to us. We are looking forward to coming back for a quail and pheasant hunt! Once again, thanks for everything and hope to see you guys soon!

Thanks, Landon

PS – I think I gained about 15 pounds due to all of the great food!!!


Hey Jimmie,

Hope you’re doing well. I wanted to thank you for the great hunting trip. Dawson and my dad are still talking about the great time we had. I know Greg took some pictures of my dad’s deer and some of Dawson’s deer. I don’t have his number or email, can you see if he can send me the pictures? Also, he had the pheasant I shot, that I was going to get mounted, but I haven’t heard anything.

None of this is urgent, but while I had a minute I wanted to get an email out to you. We’ll see you when you’re at the show in SLC.

Thanks, Brian Blalock


Dear Jim,

We wanted to take a minute to thank you for the tremendous hospitality that you and your guides, along with the staff, showed us during our deer hunt. We were very pleased with the accommodations and camp. The food was absolutely top notch and please pass this along to the ladies preparing breakfast and lunch and to Darryl for the great meals every night.

We can certainly tell you have an excellent operation and that there are great deer out there. The tower stands were excellent. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate to get those big deer on their feet but as you said “that’s hunting”.

We are working on getting our group together for next year and would like to do the second week again and we hope to have a few more guys and better weather so we can put some bone on the ground and take a crack at some pheasants, quail and geese.

Thank you again for a great time, camp, and hunt. We look forward to catching up with you again next year.

Greg DeMakis

We had a great time with Call of the Wild Outfitters.

We arrived in Hutchinson, KS on Friday, April 13th about noon, went to our motel and met Jim Call and his guide. They suggested we go hunting that afternoon. We took a nice Rio that day. The next morning we drove to Eastern KS. Got a real good Eastern the following morning. After processing my Gobbler we spent the rest of the day driving to Nebraska for Merriams.

The hunt was very well planned. The lodging and meals were just great. I will return to hunt with Jim again! We enjoyed this hunt with Jim and Randy!

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Oberdorff
Windsor, PA

Hi Jim –

I just want to let you know that I think you and your crew have a great program. The effort that you put forward and the desire you displayed to put us on birds was awesome. It was nice to hunt for an outfitter who was in it to see hunters go home happy and to know that every effort was put forth to give the hunters opportunities to fill tags. The hospitality that you gave us all weekw as outstanding. Even though I did not use one of your guides, I enjoyed their companionship after the hunt each evening. They are true outdoorsmen and I could tell that they guided with the same desire that you do; top notch customer service. I was pleased to complete my black powder grand slam on your properties. My black powder Merriam was 22lbs, 10 3/8″ beard, and 1 1/4″ spurs and my black powder Rio was 18lbs, 10″ beard, and 1 & 1/16 spurs. The merriams and Rio I took with the modern shotgun were 3 year old birds as well. Thanks again for everything, and to anyone looking for a great turkey hunting opportunity, look no further than Call of the Wild Outfitters. I won’t tell you that Jim is the best, but he is way ahead of second place.

Dave Mease, Jr.

Pine Grove, Pennsylvania

Every year we take about 10 kids from a local hunter’s safety course, and take them on a free hunt. We provide lodging and meals free of charge to the kids. Our guides donate their time to help these kids have a great time. Activities start on a Friday evening with helping them shoot their rifles. Afterwards we stuff them with grilled hotdogs & hamburgers. We help them hunt on Saturday, and if they don’t get a deer, they can come back on Sunday and try again. Here’s a thank-you card from the 2011 season.

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